Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's the Opposite of a Food Desert?

So last Thursday through Saturday I was attending a writers conference in SeaTac, which, from a food perspective, was not a high point of the summer. But I did manage to steal out midday on Thursday and hit the Market, so I have two big endorsements for ya:

The foil-wrapped plate on the left is Veraci Pizza, naturally

1. The "hand-muddled" drinks at DERU Market. I got the blackberry-lime flavor, which features a specially-made blackberry syrup and only one ounce of sugar per serving. Oh, my word. The most refreshing thing on a hot day, and I love how you're not paying for a cup full of ice (I'm looking at you, Starbucks iced teas). This is not a drink you will want to share.


2. That "Fiesta Bowl" from I Love My Gluten Free Food, the food cart by Veraci Pizza. After getting my son his usual slice of pepperoni, I got myself the bowl, knowing I would miss the conference dinner and not wanting to shell out $3 at the snack bar for a bagel. It was delicious. Quinoa, black beans, chicken, avocado, tomato, cheese, pumpkin seeds. Fresh, tasty, healthy, and filling.

Conferences by the airport really have captive attendees. If it wasn't the $3 bagel and $2 soda at the center itself, I could and did steal across the street to hit the 7-11. I repeat, the 7-11. Talk about a food desert! Yes, there was a pile of apples (Red Delicious, my least favorite variety on the entire planet) and one of bananas, but otherwise things were pretty grim.

Be glad and grateful we have real food in abundance available to us! Rumor has it donut peaches and the first melons of the season make their appearance this week. And, attention pie- and cobbler-makers, Collins told me last Thursday that the first freestone peaches might be ready, too.

And don't forget, there's always this:


And these:

Have a great week, and may you always be surrounded by abundant, fresh, local food.

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